Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I woke up tuesday morning at 7am excited as can be. Why? You may ask. Because I actually got a good nights sleep. Yup! RILEY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! I was so excited to share the good news with my family, that I rushed down stairs only to be trumped with FAR GREATER NEWS! Thats right.....
I am now the auntie of a beautiful baby girl! Julia Marie Calico. I'm so excited for her life, and for Riley to have a cousin so close in age so they can be bestest buds! She was born on 11-11-08 at 4:30 in the morning. She weighed in at 8lbs 8oz, and measured 20 inches long. She's so beautiful, and has the chubbiest little cheeks! I already forgot how tiny they come. Riley looked HUGE next to her! Awe! I can't even take all this goodness! I love it! Congratulations Todd and Misti!!! I love you guys so much:)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Halloween

So here we are, mother and daughter, both dressed up as ballerinas. Yes, I know my costume wasn't as obvious, but isn't hers so cute!!! I took the day off work to spend Riley's first Halloween with her. We just spent the day visiting people and showing off our cuteness. We ended the day at Amber, Jason and Prestons house. Overall, I'd have to say the best part was just being with Riley. How I love this girl!
So there are like a gubajillion more pics that I think are ridiculously cute and would love to add to this blog. But I'm trying my best to refrain. So for now I'm calling it good since in one evening I built my blog up from nothing to what is here now. IMPRESSIVE! I know. But I am known for my impressivness now aren't I?
Turns out I just love this Pic

Blessing Day

Whoops! So lets backtrack a few months here to Riley's blessing day. Didn't wanna miss this event! Here she is with mom and dad, and yes, she is falling asleep. She was blessed by her Uncle Tav, who did a wonderful job. But would you expect anything less from him, really?

All Bundled Up!

So lets fastforward 3 months, and here we have Riley all bundled up for a chilly morning. Mom's been going to the track with some friends to try and rid some of that baby weight. And don't worry, it's not going that well. But heck, and least she's trying, right?

This pic was taking from my phone, so not that great of quality, and it actually looks a lot better on the phone. But whatever, I still think its beautiful:)

The Actual Beginning

So here it is! The beginning of my new life, and the beginning of Riley Amber Calico!!! She's not even minutes old here and still attatched to the umbilical cord! She weighed in at 7lbs 9oz, and measured at 19inches. She had lots of hair. And she was just beautiful! And I tell you what, she somehow manages to get more beautiful by the minute. She is such a magnificant spirit, I've never met her equal. How I was chosen to be her mother, I'll never know, but to say I feel honored, or any other word in any language could ever come close to describing the feeling.

Before the Beginning

So I'm new to the world of blogging, and unlike my very talented brother, I am not that computer savvy, and I do not know how to make crazy awesome designs. But hopefully one day my blog will look amazing. For now, however, my purpose is to just get this started while I have a minute!

I wanted to back track my life a little bit from today, to back when my life was taking an amazing turn from so so to the uppidy up that it is today! Here I am at 5 and a half months pregnant, and sadly I didn't get any when I was 9 months, but surely you can imagine that I was HUGE! But it didn't matter, cause turns out I felt more beautiful than I ever had in my entire life. So ha!